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Wholesale Printing Buyers Club Graphic Design Services THAT GENERATE AN INCREASE IN SALES
>> For as little as $9.00 you can have a top flight graphic artist create a piece that will help you generate more interested prospects that lead to sales. Many print houses use low quality templates with little flexibility to how your piece can look. With Wholesale Printing Buyers Club, we will customize your piece per your direction and also help you along the way sharing some designs that have proven to be effective for other similar businesses. We realize you don't buy printing and marketing materials because you want paper with ink on it, you want to truly see an increase in sales... .just as no one buys a drill because they want a drill...but, instead, they want a hole. Our primary goal is to find solutions in where you invest a $1.00 and generated $10.00 in revenue (of course, every business presents different marketing challenges, markets & margins).

FREE Marketing Advice Power Call
>> If you have purchased graphic art services and would like to receive a FREE MARKETING ADVICE CALL - please just email Corey the CEO at and I am happy to help you anyway I can reach me 7 days a week. One book I highly recommend for about 10 bucks is The Ultimate Sales Letter by Daniel Kennedy available on Amazon.

NOTE On FREE Marketing Advice

>> Wholesale Printing Buyers Club is always happy to give advice and communicate strategies that have been proven effective by our other clients, but Wholesale Printing Buyers Club graphic design services are at 100% at our clients direction, we don't take charge of the design process in regards to marketing ideas & strategy, but only follow your exact direction in that regard. As mentioned above, we are happy to give as much advice as possible, but in the end, you will need to decide what direction is best for you with whatever type of piece we are designing. The graphic artists at Wholesale Printing Buyers Club have done 1000's of jobs for all types of industry and 99 percent of our clients are extremely happy what our artists can do even with minimal direction.

DESIGN & MARKETING TIPS To Maximize Effectiveness

Tip 1 >> Focus On Your Prospect's Needs Through COMPELLING HEADLINES
>> Remember that your prospects only care about their wants, needs and/or perceived needs (that you can create with effective marketing). The biggest mistake we see here is company centered marketing materials that are very EGO driven. Your prospects will not care much about your company until you have first convinced them they have a need that they must fullfill. One key is using very compelling headlines that communicates the key reason on why your propect would be enticed to use your service. Using FREE in a headline is also very effective - and the key to using FREE does not mean giving something away for FREE per say, but to just give the perception they are receiving something for FREE that has a lot of high perceived value. 90% of the effectiveness to any marketing piece will rest with the top 1/3rd of your card and headlines used. A good way to think of how you can get your clients attention - look at the covers of magazine at grocery store check out counters - such as the National Inquirer, The Globe and other magazines - these publications spend 90% of their time working on the cover as they realize if you don't pick up the magazine from the check out lane, nothing printed inside will matter at all.

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