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High-Impact Postcards and Rack cards

Rack cards and postcards attract passersby and convert them into customers. By incorporating an eye-catching design and a strong message, our beautifully crafted custom rack cards can turn prospects into paying customers. At Worlds Cheapest Direct Mail Printing, we ensure perfect rack card color production every time!

We offer a range of postcards & rack card sizes from 2.15" x 5.5" to 11.0" x 17.0" rack cards. They are highly effective as promotional or advertising materials for your services and promotional products. Perforation is also available. That means users can tear 2" off the rack cards. Use that to get customer feedback or as detachable coupons.

Matters the Most

Put your cards where your clients are with a postcard and a rack card that stands out. Let visitors, travellers, tourists, attendees and more know where to find you with these simple, high-impact cards. The possibilities are limitless - handouts, maps, directions, displays!

  1. Travel Maps
  2. Direction Cards
  3. Real Estate Handouts
  4. High Response Retail Display
  5. Tradeshow
  6. Clinics

Mass Marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to distribute your offer/message. With our experience, we will get you the best value for your buck in a limited space.

It has seen that placing your rack card and postcards where there is significant foot traffic can do wonder to market your information. To promote your business to tourists and other customers rack card is an effective way.

You can display them in restaurants, hotels and with businesses partners. You can also use a custom photo rack card as a postcard. Wide, picturesque scenes are the latest style and make a lasting impression on your potential customers.

We offer very attractive and affordable pricing combined with outstanding quality and fast turnarounds to suit all our customers' needs. If possible then go for Direct Mail Service, which is even better and same time and money.

Where to use Rack Cards

You will most likely see a stack of rack cards when you check-in at a hotel, see a musical or a play. They are most likely displayed in the hotel or arena lobby. These cards have a short but judicious marketing message, an eye-catching design, super thick paper stock, colorful graphics. Like postcards, business cards, banners, brochures, flyers, and notepads, rack cards are a printed promotional tool used to promote a brand, product or service.

You can rely on custom rack cards to present your marketing message no matter which product or service it is that you are offering. If you are the owner of a nice bed and breakfast then in the reception area of your establishment, you can promote your business by displaying a stack of custom rack cards for guests to pick up and maybe distribute to their other friends. You will agree that people who are already interested in your business or services are going to pick your rack card. Custom rack cards are firm and can be kept for almost a lifetime, so your market message “lives” for a long time.

You will agree that people who are already interested in your business or services are going to pick your rack card. Custom rack cards are firm and can be kept for almost a lifetime, so your market message “lives” for a long time.

Here are a few more quick details about rack cards

  • Professionals from various industries and business owners and use rack card printing for advertisement.

Owners of theatres, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, restaurants, theme parks, water parks, museums, and similar establishments are likely to order rack cards online. Doctors or engineering may also use rack cards and display them in their clinics or offices.

  • Heavy foot traffic is the ideal area where Rack cards advertisement is usually done.

When you order rack cards online, remember that they are usually displayed in areas where there is heavy foot traffic. So make sure that you should create content and an overall design that truly stands out. Promotional material printed on rack cards or postcards should be compelling enough for a visitor to stop in his or her routes to grab one card. . Rack Card already is target toward potential customers that eventually will become a sale, so make sure that the content on rack card postcards should be beautifully crafted and an eye-catching design is needed. The goal of the rack card is that people should want to bring them to their home and also refer back. This can be accomplished by writing compelling content and having an eye-catching design.

  • Rack cards can more than meet your advertising needs.

Unlike business cards which have a standard size of 3.5” x 2” or close to it so you have limited space for contents. You can at the max add contact details and maybe a short marketing tagline. On the other hand rack cards have more space than business cards or EDDM Eligible Postcard, but less space than brochures, multi-folded brochures. So adding creative writing compelling content that will hold the attention of your readers is needed.

  • Rack cards are handy

Rack cards can also use them as mailers aside from being used as a display in regions where there’s heavy foot traffic. You can insert a rack card or two in your regular mailers or using EDDM Postcard Mailing services from USPS and send them out to customers if you already have a mailing list. Rack cards can also be distributed like flyers in trade shows, posted on public bulletin boards while out on the streets.